(Late Version)
CAL. 9mm Bayard

Caliber: 9mm Bayard
System of operation: Turn bolt
Length overall: 39.5 inches
Barrel length: 19.5 inches
Feed device: 6 round, detachable box magazine
Sight:Front: Barley corn
Sight:Rear: Tangent-Leaf
Weight: Approximately 6 lbs

This bolt-action rifle uses the Bayard (aka Largo) pistol cartridge. Mechanically different from the earlier Destroyer Carbines, the overall size and appearance are maintained. This version of the carbine is similar to the mauser 1893 rifle, but it is not a mauser design. It was used by the spanish "Guardia Civil" a para-military police force.

9mm Largo (aka Bayard) round and ammo box..

Spanish No.4 Destroyer Carbine.

Close-up of action.

Another close-up of action.

Top view of the bolt.

Close-up of the markings.

Close-up of the Buttstock.

Close-up of the rear sight.

Close-up of the nosecap, note the absence of a bayonet mounting bar.

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