CAL. 8x50R mm

Caliber: 8x50R mm
System of operation: Straight-Pull Bolt system
Length overall: 50.45 inches
Barrel length: 30.1 inches
Feed device: Integral clip-loaded magazine
Sight:Front: Blade
Sight:Rear: Quadrant sight
Weight: 8.9 lb
Muzzle velocity: 2015 f.p.s. with M88 cartridge

Mannlicher Model 1888/90 Rifle.

Close-up of action.

Top view of the bolt.

Close-up of the bolt release lever.

Close-up of the magazine and magazine well.

Close-up of the receiver markings.

Close-up of the Buttstock.

Close-up of the rear sight modified for the M90 cartridge.

Close-up of the middle barrel band.

Close-up of the nosecap.

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